a fiery sunset over the Ohio hills

the fiery sunset through the clouds in the Ohio foothills

looking for beautiful sunsets? Yes they can even be found in the state of Ohio, Here’s proof

As crazy as it sounds when we think of beautiful sunsets we generally think of the view over lake Michigan from Michigan looking west, the San Francisco bay facing west, The North Carolina mountains or even the Rockies and some of those beautiful scenes. Of course this is not a comprehensive list but I believe you get the idea. I highly doubt on anyone’s top 10 list of spectacular sunset, that their list would include South Point, Ohio and to be fair mine didn’t until this mid October day.

In reflection I cannot think of another time when the sunset was this spectacular and I lived in the area for nearly 10 years . But that aside on the day I shot this image I was returning from a short trip to an Ohio forest preserve as we were traveling down the by-way heading back to West Virginia the sky just looked different, different than I have ever seen in the area. A few minutes later a deeper red and yellow and at that point I knew that this sunset was going to be really spectacular. I drove up on a small hill and watched and captured this image.

I would have to admit that this point in time has made me a believer that some of the most spectacular images to capture in nature can just happen. There is no amount studying and researching that will allow you to capture it (although with some subjects this will assist in locating the subject) but will not make the image. The uncontrollable is what adds the character to the image we just need to be prepared for that which you cannot predict and then capitalize on it when it (whatever it is) presents itself.

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