2014 Nascar Sprint All Star race

Jamie McMurray crosses finish line as the victor

The Victor Jamie McMurray crossed the finish line to win the 2014 NASCAR Sprint All Star race


I had the pleasure of attending the 2014 NASCAR Sprint All Star race. Until attending the race I did not understand the draw to NASCAR car racing. While I am not the biggest fan of car racing, at least live and at the track, auto racing has taken a place similar to that of Continue reading

Meaning of Life – A Christian Perspective

an image of a bright red sunset in Ohio

sunset over ohio

What is the meaning of life? I believe, at some point in our lives, everyone has asked that exact same question. Some would answer that question by saying that we are born, we live, and then we die. I would like to challenge that thinking for a moment; life is more than the dash between two dates on a headstone,
Continue reading

Charolais Cattle in a field

Charolais Cow and Calf in a field

Charolais cow and calf

A Charolais Cow nursing its calf

The Charolais cattle is a rather uncommon breed of cattle on American farms. Most farmers opt for the white face, Angus, or longhorn depending on where in the United States you are Continue reading

Red Winged Blackbird in a bush

a black bird, a Kracker in a bush on Nany Pier in CHicago

a Red Winged Blackbird in a bush on Navy Pier in Chicago

This is the image and story about a really fearless bird on Navy Pier in Chicago, it is the story of a Kracker. Let me set the scene. One of the main attractions of the Chicago lakefront is Navy Pier. It does not matter if your a local or a visitor, Navy Pier is a summertime hot spot Continue reading

Don Yenko’s Super Cars – 1969 Camaro, 1971 Nova, and 1981 Camaro Turbo Z

an orange 1969 Chevy Yenko Camaro SC

an orange 1969 Chevy Yenko Camaro SC

Everyone in the classic muscle car collecting world knows of DonYenko. For those who are not in the classic muscle car collecting world, Don Yenko is to Chevy cars what Carroll Shelby is to Ford’s and incidentally, Continue reading

Ohio Bicentennial barn

Chris Flees Photography: Places of Interest Images &emdash; Bicentennial Barn

The Ohio Bicentennial barn

I have traveled extensively though both West Virginia and Southern Ohio. Through my travels I have seen some pretty unique places. One of those places is this Bicentennial barn in Ohio. Ohio became a state in March 1, 1803. It was the 17th State in the Union. Ohio was a key Northern state during the Civil Continue reading

Carving Spam Comments out of your blog while cultivating good comments

artisans hands carving a block of wood into the final creation

Artisan carving a block of wood

Blogging can be difficult and at times even a daunting task. Rewarding yes, informative? Well your blog should be unless you are using it as some people do Continue reading

Two Turkeys

two turkeys in a field in Colorado

(click on image for a larger view)

This is an image of two turkeys in a field. Now I have seen wild turkeys before. As a matter of fact I have seen them in Illinois, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio prior to this event.

Turkeys are not the brightest birds in God’s creation but are far from the creature of Continue reading